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mercredi 11 juin 2008
Competitiveness of farming operations, our proposals

The European Union’s project for an updated agricultural policy set for 2013 must be able to rely on competitive farming operations.

The forward-looking work undertaken by our association between November 2007 and May 2008 was rich with both debate and input. This work emphasized how urgent it is that everyone recognize the strategic role French farming operations play in the economy of our no-longer agrarian society.
Furthermore, facing up to the challenge of providing enough healthy food for everyone means reinstilling confidence in both science and biological progress.

In comparison to the most developed Western agricultural economies, venturing direct and ambitious business-oriented reforms would seem more han an evident choice but a new starting point for rebuilding a French agriculture of the 21st century.

This newly liberated entrepreneurial energy will generate a new vision for the creation or evolution of farming operations and all those associated with it.

This report offers a pathway toward renewing the competitiveness of the agricultural and food industries, in order to positively unite economic production with the environment and work toward sustainable growth.

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